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Before and After


We're proud of Dr. Miller's before-and-after portfolio. Take a look ... compare the quality ... and give us a call. Remember our motto: "Our priority is your satisfaction - we love to see you smile."

Filling Replacement


Old worn out fillings can be replaced and your tooth can be like new with composite (white fillings).  Our goal is to be as conservative as possible and replace broken or recurrent decayed fillings early.  Cosmetic fillings can be placed on both front and back teeth with amazing esthetics and longevity.

Diastema Closure


This patient didn’t like the space between her teeth (diastema).  Gaps between teeth can easily be closed with composite bonding.  This is completed in one appointment and usually without anesthesia.



If you are wanting a beautiful smile, veneers are excellent for the ultimate smile makeover.  Veneers are a thin ceramic lab fabricated restoration used to recreate the natural look of teeth.  They can also change the shape, size and color of teeth for a more esthetically pleasing smile.

Smile Makeover


This patient presented with four yellowing restorations on his front teeth.  These front four teeth were all restored with ceramic crowns (no metal).  Ceramic crowns are lab fabricated to provide superior strength and excellent cosmetic results.

Crown Replacement


Unsightly porcelain to metal crowns can now be replaced with high quality all ceramic crowns which look completely natural.  We spend the extra time and effort to exceed your expectations.

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